heart dialogue01.jpg

Frustration is an interactive digital mirror that breaks the body of the person who looks to it into hundreds of pieces as if it was a broken mirror.
The mirror works with a 42-inch LCD television, a computer and a camera. The camera captures the silhouette of the person and a software developed breaks the person.
Frustration is part of a series called Psychosomatics; which is formed by several electronic sculptures where each work is loaded with a kind of human emotion. Through contact with the work, the viewer will experience and revive these emotions, creating a sensible dialogue that potentiates with the use of interfaces. The emotions treated in this project are anxiety, fear, hysteria, confusion, shame and frustration. Those studies are physically embodied forming thinking, behavioral, reactive and sensitive sculptural beings, which are positioned through the interconnection of the digital with the material.

Programming by André Perrotta