Pregnant Man


The “Pregnant Man” project is a sculpture that collects stories of transsexual men who have undergone gender transition from woman to man and who have maintained their wombs and gone through the pregnancy process.

The sculpture is formed by a man made of wood where in your belly you will see the projection of a 15 minutes documentary of the stories of pregnant men from various countries like Brazil, USA, Argentina, Venezuela, Canada, Israel and UK. The first man to be pregnant was Thomas Beatie in the US in 2008, and the number is growing rapidly to 54 cases in Australia this year.

The project seeks to analyze the intersection of gender targeted at other types of reproduction in the era of biotechnological reproduction where we are already accustomed to insemination, sperm donation, test tube babies and rent bellies. The phenomenon “Pregnant Man” opens doors to more possibilities of human reproduction and reconfigures cultural patterns in the era of Biotechnology.

Commissioned by Homeostase @ The Wrong, New Digital Art Bienalle. CCSP. Centro Cultural São Paulo. 22 nov until 31st January. 
Curators Julia Araña and Guilherme Brandão

Pregnant Man during Homeostase @ The Wrong New Art Bienalle. Curator Julia Araña and Guilherme Brandão.

Documentary about Pregnant man. 15 minutes. This video is mapped in the belly of the sculpture. 


Process: It was made a 3D scan of a pregnant body and the woods were cut using CNC machine in layers of 20mm.
Materials: Plywood, projector, media player, speaker.

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