Locked Memories


Locked Memories is an audio visual sculpture in form of a head locked with a key in the mouth. People are hinted to unlock the head and open it. When open, they find a small TV showing animations on the process of dealing with locked memories. Sounds also exhale from inside the head.

The memories are stored and retained in the head and they show mostly in forms of images and sounds through the memories and thoughts that are processed in the brain. The sculpture in the shape of a head with the key in the mouth is used as a metaphor of the process of opening the mind and find these images as if they were their own thoughts that activate the user a sensation of rescuing their own hidden and locked memories.

The animation makes uses of coherent symbols in the theme to intensify the individual exploration of each one in the project. Symbols as barriers in movements, locks, holes, x-ray images, that primarily search the flux to open to open and revive those memories. Going against the deep through the physicality of the subject in a movement to look inside through the process flow by the sensations