Wave of Rainbow


Wave of Rainbow is an interactive public artwork made for The Fourth Westlake International Invitational Sculpture Exhibition in Hangzhou, China.
When someone enters inside the corridor, sensors activate the air pumps and all the tubes start bubbling. It is formed by 28 acrylic tubes filled with water, 2 air pumps, sensors and 7 colors led lights.
The concept of the proposed project is about adding fantasy in ones journey while visiting the park and making it a fanciful experience. To accomplish that the artworks use technology to evoke, in a cheerful and metaphoric way, feelings of acceptance, belonging and self-stem.
A colorful ovation to a visitor who walks through a path, a corridor filled with water bubbles and lights producing a sensation of being inside a rainbow wave, are only means to trigger very deep emotions and making the visit to the park a rich experience.
The artwork was also thought to promote the possibility of harmony between technology and nature. In order to do that, the construction and overall design does not compete with the environment, on the contrary, they are more like places to be discovered. The visitor experience is intended to be distinctive while keeping the visual and park’s atmosphere.