Sweet Reflexion


Sweet Reflection : A digital kitchen to eat your selfie.

Sweet Reflexion is an art installation in a form of interactive parametric honeycomb pavilion where the audience interacts with their face mapped through photography and transformed into chocolate and pancakes using 3D printers.  The public can literally eat themselves. Also, an adhesive of people’s faces is placed in each of the architectural cells in hives format. The project seeks to revive and map the immigrant neighborhood (Korean, Bolivian, Mediterranean).

The generative architecture and digital fabrication of the work enable the creation of complex and heterogeneous forms in hexagonal cells resembling the biological and organic structures of bees in creating the honey, natural sweet. This work will generate interactivity and social participation system giving a cannibalistic outline shows a playful and active way the idea of random construction of several layers transform the facility into a kind of temporary memorial neighborhood assimilating transient anthropology in printed panels and edible units.

Commissioned by Public Art Show URBE. Project by Anaisa Franco in collaboration with Rodrigo Waihiwe.

Special Thanks: Rodrigo Waihiwe, Julia Borges Araña, Felipe Brait, Alessandra Marder, Reinaldo Botelho, Heloisa Franco, Wellington Conegundes, Beatriz Menezes and all that make the project possible.