Branded schizophrenia

Branded schizophrenia creates a blinking animated sequence of 100 brands displayed using a LED Ball in a fridge, drawing with the light in high velocity using technology developed by Taiwanese company Opti-Vision Co, Ltd.
I want to reflect the speed of consume, the voracity of the market and its schizophrenic rhythm. I’m interested in the illusion that the LED creates to your eyes, is the same illusion a brand creates in your mind. It is also a game of subliminar message”.


Work presented at FRIDGE Exhibition at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery curated by Paz Ponce. Berlin. From April 24th until May 25th. 

“A series of site-specific portraits of our consumer society with a pop aftertaste. A digestive metaphor of the way we produce, present and appropriate images of culture and a culture of images today.”

Exhibition project featuring works by: Malte BarschStefano CassettiBeth Dillon & Anton BenoisBoris EldagsenVanessa EnríquezAnaisa FrancoStephan GrossStephan HalterStephanie Hanna. FRIDGE original photography series by Verónica Losantos.

Curated by Paz Ponce and produced by berlinerpool with artists of its network, hosted by Entretempo Kitchen Gallery during one month (24.04.15 – 24.05.15). FRIDGE was kindly supported by SMEG DE.